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Get past Unsupported OS Warnings in Silent Installer

Kevin Murphy (9611317) | asked Apr 05 '17, 10:54 a.m.
I've got a Docker container running on Ubuntu 16.04.1.

Ubuntu 16.04 is supported for CLM 6.0.3.

I want to run a silent install of CLM on the Docker container. I believe this is the only way to actually install CLM in Docker.

The silent install works fine and then spits this out:

WARNING: CRJAZ9003W - The operating system type is not recognized.
The system cannot determine if the operating system is supported.
See the list of <a href="">supported server operating systems</a>, and make sure that you are using one of those operating systems.
[Details:; os.arch=amd64; os.version=4.9.17-100.fc24.x86_64; distribution=DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu

In the Installation Manager GUI, I can click through these warnings. But silent install fails and I can find no parameter or option to tell it to continue. And besides, it should be supported! It's an OS point release.

Is there any way to do what I'd like to do?

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Kevin Murphy (9611317) | answered Apr 05 '17, 11:10 a.m.

 Ugh. It's like the first rule of any tech support forum: once you actually ask the question, you immediately find the answer yourself.

This happened to me.

I ran the process again and saved the output. Turns out that the first error reported was low disk space. After that, IM just prints out all the warnings. I fixed the disk space issue and ran it again. It installed but still printed out those warnings as if it didn't. Since the warnings were the first thing I saw (as they were the last thing printed) I assumed they were the reason for the installation failure.

TLDR answer: I didn't read all of the errors before asking this question. Silent installs to unsupported OSes do work, apparently.

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