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JRS aging report in 6.0.2

Praveen Chougala (31831) | asked Mar 18 '17, 5:58 a.m.


I need to fetch the Defect Aging Report.
example: I want to see how many defects are in open state for more than 20 days.
or list if defects with states and when mouse hovered, it should display the number days its been in that state.

Anyone tried these kinda reports?


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joe meagher (6612) | answered Mar 19 '17, 12:53 p.m.

 In JRS 6.0.2 you can select the "Work Item State History" which may get close to what you want (you could export that to excel to generate your charts as well).  If you want something more detailed, or need to have better control, you can use the REST API get get the state history and build your own report.  We did that for one specific case we had.

You can use the following URL to get all stateTransitions in your system (NOTE: I would recommend filtering down to project, and type, and eliminate any states/groups you can to limit data (see example below))

See the REST API documentation for examples on how to limit data, here is a brief example:[projectArea/name='JKE Banking' AND type='defect' AND state/id!='']/(id|state/name|stateTransitions/(transitionDate|targetStateId))

The way to read that, is get all state transitions for all Defect type work items in the JKE Banking project that are not in the state (Cancelled or closed for example)

More REST API details:

Using the above query from a script we then store the data after some processing.  We calculate the first and last time it entered a state, and we increment a "count" for each state to determine rework.   We store the calculated values into a JSON file on a web server.

Then, we use a custom Open Social Gadget to visualize the data, I can't upload an image here to show you, but it shows the days old on the x axis, and the count of records on the y axis.  The gadget can be filtered to show one or many states and can be grouped on a number of fields as well (Planned For, Filed Against, Owner, etc)

Let me know if you have questions.

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