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Is it possible to make category and team area association more flexible?

jane zhou (106966) | asked Jan 20 '17, 5:56 a.m.

 Hi Guys, 

 Our requirement is to let user assign a work item for any functional domain to any team directly. 
         Please see our user case in details as follows:

( Background: component is a attribute presented in work item page, whose type is category, means functional  domain.  )
Use Case: When QA file new defect, they only know component where the issue happened. So, QA will file defect against specific component. Because currently we have a link between Component and Team, this defect will appear in Team’s backlog when QA assign component field. However, now, team may not have a time to work on this defect and can ask other team to help. In order to other team to see it on their backlog, we need to have an option to assign the defect to other team.

Here is an example:
Category                           Team area
 component 1                  Team 1
 component 2                  Team 2
 component 3                  Team 3

A user select component 1 for attribute "component" in a new defect, then Team 1's backlog will show this work item.
Then Team 1 think they may not have time to work on it, this one need to move to Team 2, i.e. in Team2's backlog. But this work item is still for component 1. So Team 1 should not change component  from component 1 to component 2.

We figured out a method to define sub-category for this purpose.
   Category                                                    Team
   Component 1                                   Team 1
    --> component 1 reassigned                 Team 2

But Manager does not like this solution, their goal is every work item should be very flexible.  User should assign a work item for any component to any team directly from work item page.
But I am not sure whether it is feasible?

If not, it is possible to move work item from team1's backlog to team2's backlog internally? 
I have tried today, but I found as long as I move it, the component will also be changed automatically, say, there is a work item for component2 and appear in Team 2's backlog, then I move it to Team1's backlog, then I found the work item's component is changed to component 1. i.e. for this work item. i.e. component to team area is still in charge.  

This requirement is really driving me crazy... I am in real desperate, and hope anyone could save me...
Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

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Ralph Schoon (63.2k33646) | answered Jan 20 '17, 6:57 a.m.
edited Jan 20 '17, 7:00 a.m.

Jane, the problem is neither RTC nor your solution, the problem is the manager.

The tool uses categories and you can have multiple per team. That is how RTC is created. You found the solution that works best and is the cheapest. There is nothing complex.  You could use categories such as Component 1 delegate Team1 or something along the line. Or Component1/Team1.

You can also come up with more complex solutions, that are not the best approach, if you ask me.

1. You can add attributes where you can add another team as secondary owner. Bad design. No impact on planning, it is actually unclear who is really in control. Needs Dashboard views. I would not do this.
2. Add some kind of crazy automation to have the component in another attribute and on save automatically  set the category with a manual override

In the end it will always come down to the category that is set for the planning. So the best and easiest solution is to come up with an intelligent category schema.

Personally without having spent loads of time on this, I would have suggested your solution. You have to work within the models the tools provide you with. Trying to fight against them only creates friction and costs.

jane zhou selected this answer as the correct answer

jane zhou commented Jan 21 '17, 5:39 a.m. | edited Jan 21 '17, 4:11 p.m.

 Hi Ralph,

           Thank you very much for your reply and valuable suggestion!
Best Regards,

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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k33035) | answered Jan 21 '17, 4:11 p.m.

To keep things simple (and make your manager happy :-), I would suggest the following Category Structure:

Component/<ComponentA>    -> the team that works the most on component A
Component/<ComponentB>    -> the team that works the most on component  B
Team/<TeamX>                       -> team X
Team/<TeamY>                       -> team Y

A user that doesn't know what team should work on the work item would just set the FiledAgainst field to the appropriate component category, which would assign that work item to whatever team that works the most in that component (can change over time).
A user that knows what team should work on the work item would just set the FiledAgainst field to the appropriate team category.

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