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How do I create a list of change sets associated with specific files in a field on a work item?

John Hetrick (261012) | asked Jan 10 '14, 11:37 a.m.
 RTC 4.0.4

I am working from the Eclipse client, but will need the behavior in both web and eclipse.  There are several related aspects to this question:

1) Change Set Specific: From within the work item, add a link to a change set that is in the history of a specific file under Jazz Source Control.  I can use a the Non-attribute-based Presentation, Links Kind to have a field on a presentation into which I can put a URL.  Separately I can navigate to a stream (or repository) and component to show the repository files.  I can look at the history for a repository file and see the set of associated change sets.  I can right click on that change set and there is an option to "Copy URL".  I can past that URL into the Related Artifacts field (using the Add URI Reference).  RTC understands this link as a link to a change set.  Is there a more simple way to do this? 

2) Related Artifacts Attribute/Field: I want to have an attribute on a work item that holds a list of "Related Artifacts" instead of using the Non-attribute-based, Links Kind presentation field.  In fact the goal is to have several lists of links to "Related Artifacts" with different lists, not one list.  (The related artifacts have no linkage (relationship) to the current work item they are simply URL links.)

3) Links to Files in Jazz SCM:  How do I more easily navigate to specific files under Jazz SCM and create links to them in the work item.  Currently the method described above can work, but I have to navigate to the file(s) using the web client and copy the URL manually from there. As above I am looking to create several attributes that hold links to specific versions of files that are in different baselines, snapshots, and streams.

John Hetrick

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Ralph Schoon (63.2k33646) | answered Jan 13 '14, 3:40 a.m.
1) This is, as far as I can tell,  not possible today. There was an enhancement request: but that was turned down back then, because they could not provide a good reason. Currently you can only link a change set to a work item from the SCM views. I guess, that the related item works is more a coincidence, because the linking component can determine the destination element correctly and uses the required link type.

If there is a good business case, you might to create an enhancement request.

As described in you can try using non attribute based presentations of type of specific link types to have a better display. However, although you can select change set too, apparently this does not work (at least for me in 4.0.5) and there are other problems.

You could create an enhancement request or defect.

2) The way relationships/links are handled in the storage prevents that. There is just no attribute type for this. Links are stored in a common collection.

3) I am not sure there is anything built in today in RTC. You can use the method you described, but I am not sure that is intended. Again, you can create an enhancement request with a good business reason.

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