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Application Blocked click for more details

jim Stevens (122) | asked Dec 23 '16, 9:35 a.m.
1. Log into RAM
2. Click on the pencil icon to modify an asset
3. I click on "More Options". The java applet starts to load, however a red error message appears saying "Application Blocked click for more details"?
When you click the message you get:
Application cannot be run
Name: upload
Reason: The Certificate used to Identify the application has been revoked. 
The certificate is valid until sept 4 2017.
What is the setting that I need to change to correct this message.
This issue is local to my machine an all other users work fine.
I am on IE 11
I have cleared the cache
I have installed the certificates
none of these will allow the Java application to launch
Thank you

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anup Gaur (139832) | answered Dec 23 '16, 9:53 a.m.
 Hi Jim,
try the below steps.
1) Since this is affecting only your machine, try going to your machine control panel. You must have local administrative privileges. 
2) Open the Java control panel.
3) Go to security Tab
4) Make sure the setting is not set to "Very High". 
5) You can also try adding the URL in the exception list.
6) Close the control panel.
7) Restart browser and try again.

Hopefully that resolves your issue.
Note: Also try to look /compare in the JAVA control panel settings from a working machine.

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