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How to create a sample application like JKE Banking?

Kenny Smith (302614) | asked Dec 15 '16, 8:43 a.m.
 I have been working with RTC for many years, and this has been a curiosity since then. Now its more of a need. I would like to build a sample application like JKE Banking, but more customized to my customer. In particular, I want to have an application that uses the SAFe template, not the work item types in JKE Banking. The application needs to be able to be deployed into a new environment (i.e. a training environment), and have initial starting dates and iteration times like JKE Banking does (when you install JKE, all the timestamps begin from the moment its installed, and you start in a current iteration). 

This will be for an internal training environment, and I already have scripts setup to tear down the server, and set it backup fresh, with a new instance of JKE Banking (I'm using repotools to delete tables, recreate tables, then silent setup for JTS, import users, assign licenses). I just need this part to setup a custom training project for my customer. 

Donald Nong commented Dec 15 '16, 8:14 p.m.

As far as I can tell, the sample project is created by a dedicated service within each component. For example, a Java class will create the iterations. So it may not be an easy task to create your own version. Just search "" and you will find these packages.

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