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Why the new QM projects' test plans are not available from Rational Insight Report?

Cathy Xu (390412) | asked Dec 06 '16, 12:00 a.m.
A client encountered this issue in Rational Insight that the test plans of new QM projects seem not populated to data warehouse therefore not shown from Query Studio. The ETLs (Data Manager) are running success though.

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Cathy Xu (390412) | answered Dec 06 '16, 12:16 a.m.
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The root cause of this issue is due to the xdc file for RQM is out dated.
For RQM there are two options to collect DM ETL when executing configurations against the QM xdc:
- "rqmxxx.xdc" - project by project collection, this is the default one.
- "rqmxxx-cross-project-etl-alternative.xdc", Cross_project collection.

If you use "rqmxxx.xdc", you need to download "rqmxxx.xdc" file when you added new QM projects - so "rqmxxx.xdc" file get updated with new QM projects.

The regular xdc file lists each project. For example, there are two servers running. One is running JFS, RQM, RRC, RTC, CLM setup. The other one just runs another RQM server. So there are two RQM servers both registered to the same JTS. In a single JTS setup like this with two servers registered to a single JTS, you get an xdc file that has all RQM projects registered to that JTS.

Now you also have the RQM cross project alternative. The goal of using this is to move from listing each project to listing each server instead. This avoids having so many round trips during the ETL process. With the project by project xdc file, there’s complete set of round trips for each project so there is a lot of overhead for each round trip. If you have a large number of projects, then the overhead reduces performance, so it’s better to switch to this other xdc file which lists each server, and loads all resources for all projects on that server all at once.
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David Mehaffy (90122736) | answered Dec 06 '16, 12:12 a.m.
 If you have created new project areas, have you updated the etls with the new project areas.  You have to go to the reports section rqm applications and download the updated xdc files for rqm and then you should pick up the new project areas.

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