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Issue with Rational design manager client extension 6.0.2

Deepali Deshmukh (8914160) | asked Nov 29 '16, 6:24 a.m.
 I have downloaded "Rhapsody-DM-Servers-6.0.2" and "Rhapsody-DM-Client" for trail purpose and have installed it on windows server 2012 R2 .I have installed design manager client extension for Rhapsody 8.1.2 installed along with proper license. When I navigate to Tools-> Design manager I see very limited options(Views, Setting and connect to imported model) that too are not working. I have observed, when I install client extension 6.0.2 it is unable to create file "RP_RDM_CLIENT_DLL.dll" . 

while I have tried installing Client extension 6.0.1 which gives me all options like Tools-> Design manager-> Views, move to design manager, connect to imported model, Refresh all out of sync elements, stream delivery, share active changesets and  Setting. But as i click on Move to Design manager its ask's me URL and user name/password and shows version incompatible error.In Client extension it is able to create file "RP_RDM_CLIENT_DLL.dll" . 

I wish if this client extension is up so that I can associate my changes to Change-sets and streams in DM.
Have anyone came across such problem. Please Guide me.

Thanks in Advance 

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