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The test plan and test case can not be saved successfully if it contains the requirements which are already deleted from RRC.

Ernesto Ramirez (13818) | asked Sep 13 '16, 4:03 p.m.

We have an RQM/RRC environment v4.0.7 which was recently upgraded. 

Now users are reporting some problems with RQM/RRC links. 

 The test plan/test case can not be saved successfully if it contains the requirements which are already deleted from RRC. 
     Here is the testing scenario: 
     1)  Link one test plan collection to a test plan in RQM 
     2)  Delete the same test plan collection from RRC 
     3) Open the same test plan in RQM, and remove the same test plan collection 
     4) Click save button of the test plan 

   Test Result: Error message as the following will pop up,  

"The changes to the link cannot be saved because the link target in the Rational DOORS project cannot be updated at this time. Rational DOORS returned the following information: 

1 of 1 changes to the link cannot be saved: 
Test Plan Collection created from RQM: Error accessing https://myserver:9443/resources/_MoC64....wQ:gone

Do you know if this is a defect for this version? 

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Don Yang (7.7k21109138) | answered Sep 13 '16, 9:05 p.m.
Hi, Ernesto

I tested and see the same problem in v4.x but not in v5.0.2 and 6.0.2. I could not find a defect related to this problem. This is something related to backlink clean up and I guess some work was done to latest version so that the same error is no longer seen.

If you cancelled the pop up and try to save, you will see something like:

If you click Ok, it will allow you to save. From the popup, we care about the link from qm to rm(requirement provider) which will be removed here. On the back link(from rm to qm), since collection itself was deleted, it should be fine(not existing anyway).

If you think the error needs to be addressed in v407, you may contact IBM client support and see if they can be addressed.

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Ernesto Ramirez (13818) | answered Sep 14 '16, 7:01 p.m.
 Thanks Don.

So no additional workaround so far ... right?

Don Yang commented Sep 14 '16, 7:23 p.m.

usually when you deleted testplan before you removed the collection link, it could cause problem because of backlink and there is a cleanup utility you may consider:

In this case, I don't think it could apply here because collection was deleted beforehand.

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