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Unable to import customized attribute of Type "Team Area" or "Team Area List"

Mohamed ELBEIALY (2615) | asked Aug 12 '16, 5:03 a.m.

I have a customized attribute displayed and exported correctly on work items I create. it is of Type "Team Area" or "Team Area List" (as I tried both). I have prepared a csv that has a bundle of workitems with the same type and this field added to this CSV file But I am totally unable import this attribute to my RTC project area while all other fields are imparted successfully.

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Mohamed ELBEIALY (2615) | answered Aug 16 '16, 1:45 a.m.

I have a solution for this and I think it will be helpful for all. Whenever you want to import/update Team areas or Project areas to work items on RTC. You need to find the equivalent name for a project/team area on RTC. Just replace this equivalent name in the csv file you are going to use and that is it.

You have 2 ways to get this equivalent name:
- From the admin view on a project area click on a team area and form the URL displayed in address bar (it wil be like that TeamArea&itemId=_hjaWAXXXXXNItGq29)

- You can export some work items with many Team/project area IDs, you just need to select the Team area and/or project area attributes and select to show Internal values in exported sheet.

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Ralph Schoon commented Aug 16 '16, 2:31 a.m.

The name of a team area does not provide enough information to look it up, as you would have to know the parent project area as well. So you have to provide the ID or some mapping to the ID.

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