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RTC planning forecast ability

Bareket Matmon (1715) | asked Dec 11 '19, 7:48 a.m.


In case we have 2 developers, each one of them is working on his tasks. 
Developer A finishes his work quicker then Developer B. 

Does RTC uses this data in his planning? I mean, can RTC forecast that the feature is more likely to finish sooner because of good working skills some of the developers have? 
Or RTC just calculates the total hours within the iteration compare to the total estimated hours (& member's allocation)? 


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Thomas Kirstätter (181616) | answered Dec 11 '19, 8:03 a.m.
Hello, to my knowledge/understanding, RTC will use the available capacity of the developer and the remaining effort of a Task to calculate the forcase about the completion. thus, RTC will always assume a linear decrease of the remaining effort. Thus if a developer reduces the remaining effort (by updating the corresponding attribute) faster then this linear prediction the forecast for the completion date will as well be affected.
So RTC can of cause not consider the skill, but will dynamically adjust forecast calculations based on the remaining effort....

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