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Why Would Custom RM (DNG) Artifacts Not Show Up in Report Builder "Artifacts" Selection

Rob Olsen (351751) | asked Jul 15 '16, 5:33 p.m.

Running CLM 6.0.1.  A customer created multiple custom Requirement Artifact Types while using RM under a created Project.  The artifacts were instantiated as well.  The customer then wanted to run a report and look at the values of these requirement artifacts, but they were not selectable under the "REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT" heading in the "Choose artifacts" selection of Report Builder.. 

Upon some reading, it was noted that we needed to run "Refresh" on the Data source, which we did.  And still when we go and try and build a report, we select the Project with the customized artifacts and then under "Choose artifacts" and under the "REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT" heading we expect to see these customized artifacts.  But what shows up is the default artifacts like they are pulled from "JKE Banking".

We are using Data Warehouse.  SQL Database.

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