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NL package for P2 RTC Eclipse Client 4.2

Natsumi Yokoyama (209386101) | asked May 16 '16, 2:37 a.m.
Where can i get a NLS pack for RTC 6.0.0 (Eclipse 4.2) in case of p2 install?
My customer try to install (unzip and copy package) NLS zip pack for Eclipse 3.6, but it does not work. His environment is RAD 9.0(Eclipse 4.2) with RTC 6.0 plugin (p2 and Eclipse 4.2) on Windows 7.

According to following KC, in case of p2 install, it is necessary to install language packs for the client by downloading a Client for Eclipse IDE National Language Support Pack (NLS pack) from the Rational Team Concert download page.
But I can find only module for Eclipse 3.6. Where is a module for Eclipse 4.2?

Thank you for your Help. :-)

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