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Use RTC SCM to customize Z/OS JCL and other environment dependent artifact in promotion

Eric Kung (11) | asked May 10 '16, 12:03 a.m.
 I'm sure each Z/OS mainframe environment need to customize their JCL when promote them from e.g. Dev to QA environment. 

e.g. in DEV  a JCL has this 2 lines

//     SET HLQ1=DEV
//     SET HLQ2=APPL1

JCLs are in Jazz repository Dev stream,  I have created language definition and translator (which is just a IEBCOPY) to build,  the build only copy JCL to run time library. 

When they are promoted from Dev to QA stream,  what is the best way to automatically customize them as follows :   both in repository and build output. 

//     SET HLQ1=QA
//     SET HLQ2=APPL1

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