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How do I create a reasonable use case diagram in RDNG 6.0.1?

Deirdre Curle (1111) | asked May 09 '16, 5:44 a.m.

Prior to RDNG 6 we could create a use case diagram, but it lacked arrowheads on associations.

Now RDNG 6.0.1 provides the ability to create a use case diagram using the format Diagram. It includes associations with arrowheads, but there doesn't seem to be the option to pull in existing artifacts (e.g. actors and use cases).

You need to create the diagram element, name it specifically (and hope you spell it the same as the existing artefact). Then you need to create a link to the existing artefact, which is only from the diagram, not the element. This link is not visible in float-over. And there seems to be a bug when linking to a use case shape (it picks up the last link created).

I surely must be missing something? I would appreciate any input.

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Ed Gentry (1) | answered May 19 '16, 8:50 a.m.
There are several issues here:
  • Embedding artifacts in a diagram: This is working as designed. The new use case diagrams are simply sketches. You are not forced to create certain artifacts in DNG in order to create a use case sketch. Now behind this there is a certainly the requirement to allow the embedding of DNG artifacts in a diagram the way RRCx did. This is expected in the release after 6.0.3.
  • Linking to shapes: This is supported today. It is possible to create a link between a diagram and a shape on the screen. So we can already make a pretty good approximation of (1). Some users have had difficulty with this functionality, because we don't show indicators on the shapes (3 below). In 6.0.3 we are also enabling copy-paste linking to shapes which will make this clearer.
  • No link indicators: In plugin-based diagrams we would decorate a shape on a diagram with an icon to indicate if the shape had a link to it. We have now implemented this in 6.0.3. Although we haven't implemented the hover over function. The users still has to click on the image to see the links on the right-hand side.
  • Defect with linking: I'm not sure what is being referred to here.Could you please provide more details or just log a PMR?

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Patrick Franz (11) | answered Oct 24 '19, 3:46 a.m.

we're currently running in 6.0.5.
We want to create Use Case diagrams and in there the Use cases and actors.
When creating f.e. an actor in the diagram, then no artefact will be created.
Also drag and drop and existing artefact into the diagram does not work.

Is there a limitation?

And, do you have any documentation how this works and how the process shall be?

Thank you!

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