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Could links be managed in DNG as fine as by using linksets in DOORS?

Bernd Bäumler (111) | asked Jan 30 '14, 3:57 p.m.


could links be managed in DNG as fine as by using linksets in DOORS?


  • Links between input and output requirements should be "realize" links.
  • Links between requirements of the same level in an subsystem should be "refers" links.
  • Links from a requirement to an item outside the subsystem are not allowed.

Thank you for an answer,


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Charlie Seo (22127) | answered Feb 02 '14, 6:45 p.m.
Using DNG, traceability type are very flexible since you can customise link type as you want. It uses preferred linktype per an artifact type rather than fixed to be a certain link type. Which means relationships between requirements need to be managed by process rather than a tool configuration. I guess it can be easily managed by treeview with full traceability.

Within a same project, I'm not sure if you could prevent requirements from having links but again, it can be managed by view and filter rather than linkset in DOORS.

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Bernd Bäumler (111) | answered Feb 03 '14, 7:55 a.m.

Hallo Seo,
Thank you for your answer.

I have found no solution to check the relationships between requirements with the help of DNG too.
Today we use DOORS in teams between 5 and 50 developers where most of them are hardware or software specialists but not DOORS specialists.
With the help of DOORS linksets creating correct links is very simple for everybody and the number of wrong links is minimized.
Without the help of DNG we have much more manual work to check links than using DOORS with linksets.
While DNG has no technique like DOORS linksets it would be hard to change to DNG.


Charlie Seo commented Feb 05 '14, 1:16 a.m.

I think I can understand where you from. From my experience, DOORS and RRC (DNG) are applying a bit different concept in terms of managing requirements. DOORS seems to be very much structured, meanwhile RRC provides better usability.

Regarding to traceability, I found DOORS might be easy to manage but not very comprehensive. RRC with right set of link definition, traceability becomes more readable and comprehensive.

So, in the end, it should be upto your organisation's practise and culture to embrace what they provide ;)


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