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blank lines shown in change set.

Pedro Vera (116) | asked May 02 '16, 1:25 p.m.
edited May 02 '16, 1:26 p.m.
I have to FTP a source file from the RTC directory to an z/OS system (then later FTP it back).  When I check in my change, the RTC change set shows that the blank lines are now different!  Because there are so many lines
highlighted in the change set, It is annoying and hard to find the actual changes. 

It is probably a CRLF issue.  In RTC, the file properties shows filetype of the file is 'text/plain' and the line delimiter is 'platform'.   Will the file use CR, LF, or both?  How to figure out?

Is there a way to get the change set to ignore those differences?

I am using RTC 4.0.5 client on Windows. 

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