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Has anyone had much success using the MS-SCCI interface with RTC inside Rhapsody?

Jamie Berry (14013490) | asked Apr 19 '16, 3:38 p.m.
 We have a group of Rhapsody (version 8.1.2) users that are trying to use RTC (version 5.0.2) from within Rhapsody utilizing the MS-SCCI interface.  We have had lots of issues with our attempts and I thought I would turn to the forums to see if anyone has had any luck...  Below are some of the issues we have encountered:
  * Seems to be slow and often times out on various operations
  * When launching Rhapsody from within a loaded sandbox, I have to use File->Configuration Items... Connect to Archive in order to set my sandbox, even though I just launched from my active sandbox.  When it connects, I get the dialog asking if I want to disconnect my sandbox folder from source control.  I always say 'No' because I want it to track my changes.  Why do I get this message when I am trying to connect to the loaded sandbox?
  * After connecting to the Archive, there have been many times when I try to bring up the MS-SCCI Pending Changes view and it tells me I need to login to see the changes but doesn't offer me a way to login.
  * If I close the File->Configuration Items... dialog it seems to lose the fact that I connected to the archive which prevents me from being able to use the context sensitive menu to perform CM operations.  This doesn't always happen but is frequent.  Every time I reconnect it seems to start a new daemon for the connection (I have multiple instances of the sandbox showing up in the MS-SCCI task tray menu.

Basically, I am looking for someone with a positive experience with this interface that can hopefully shed some light on why things are working so poorly for us.


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