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Error when importing Rhapsody for C++ 8.1.3 into Design Manager (CLM version 4.0.6)

Nick Brown (636) | asked Dec 08 '15, 4:41 a.m.
We see an error on the Activities log page when attempting the import, but no further details. What might be going on? Is there any way of seeing further details about the error?

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Shinji Kanai (59814) | answered Dec 08 '15, 5:39 p.m.
The newer version of DM (e.g. 6.0) can show detailed error message on activity page but RDM v4.0.6 may not. Anyway, did you check dm.log yet? Below are the list of things I recall that could cause the import fail.

1. Zip format incompatibility (try another zip utility to see how it goes)
2. The imported model contains double-byte characters in the name field (e.g. Japanese)
3. The zipped folder structure is not understandable (e.g deeply nested or the top-most folder doesn't contain project files, etc) or contains irrelevant files that DM can't process.
4. Insufficient Permission
5. Server or Project Instability (check disk space or try to import the zip into a new project area).
6. product defects

I suggest you to import one of Rhapsody's sample model first. If you can import the sample model, then there must be "something" to do with your zip/model.

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Shinji Kanai (59814) | answered Dec 08 '15, 5:47 p.m.
or may be, simply, RDM v4.0.6 can't understand the model saved in v8.1.3 format. You might try to save your model in v8.0.6 format (Menu > File > Save As) and try again.

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