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Can anyone help me retrieve the linked requirements to a script step from the execution results via RPE?

Jamie Berry (14014095) | asked Jan 27 '16, 1:07 p.m.

  I am using RQM 5.0.2 and RM 5.0.2 with RPE and am trying to build a template that reports the results of a test case execution.  In the results, I want to expand the test script used in the test case as it existed at the time of the execution, including all linked requirements (requirements are in RM).

  As of RQM 5.0, it is my understanding that this information is supposed to be available via the Reportable Rest API for RQM.  Has anyone been able to write an RPE template that retrieves this data?  The data source schema for the executionresult element shows the Requirement data item but when I try using it in RPE, nothing is ever returned.

I have tried constructing the URLs and using Firefox Poster to see if I can get the requirement value to show up but I have had no luck.  I would appreciate any help on how to construct a URL to retrieve the execution results that includes the Requirement information at the step level.

Thank you,
Jamie Berry.

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Jamie Berry (14014095) | answered Jan 27 '16, 5:28 p.m.
 After poking around some, I finally found a way that works (at least for now).  For my RPE template that accesses a specific Test Case Execution result, I changed the URL from:



and all the fields I needed were there.  I was also able to construct a feed URL that returns all the execution results for a test case that includes the requirement links.  This feed URL is:


I haven't tried the feed query in RPE yet, just Poster, but I am fairly confident it will work.


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