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Working with Reconcile and Test cases

Thor Aaen (175) | asked May 26 '15, 7:37 a.m.


I have a question on how manages the Test cases in an Test Plan based on the requirement in this TP.

I attempt to use the function “Reconcile Requirements in Collections” in section Requirement Collection Links to remove those Requirements incl. Test cases that have been taken out of the Test plan.

The Requirement seems to be removed from the Test Plan after using Reconcile, but the linked Test cases is still in this Test plan though the Requirements have been removed.

I do not understand the last view in Reconcile “Requirements that are not in the selected requirement collections”, where I see a list of all the Requirements that are not in the TP, but also has the option to select and press Finish – but nothing happens in the Test Plan according the Test cases

(sorry, but it was not possible to attach a figure)


Thor Aaen

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Mehul Patel (8394) | answered May 26 '15, 1:57 p.m.
Requirement reconciliation process doesn’t remove linked requirements from test plan; requirement reconciliation is the process of inspecting linked requirement to check whether it has been modified since last successful reconcile or not. It also enables user to mark test case suspect, ignore or clear suspect. 

Please refer Reconciliation deep dive for requirements in RQM for more detail.

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Thor Aaen (175) | answered May 27 '15, 2:31 a.m.

Hi Mehul,

Thanks for your answer.

Now I do not see the point in the second screen view (Requirements that are not in the selected requirement collections), where I see a list of all the requirements and Linked Test Cases, here can I mark or unmark each check-box - but this has absolut no action at all.

My problem is that I can see 8 test cases in this view, and I want to remove all 8 test cases from this test plan.

Do I really have to remove the 8 test cases manually in the test plan.

I also try to go to Sections "Test Cases" and then use filter "Validates Requirement" -> [Dos Not Have Requirement Link]

But in this view I do not see the same 8 test cases, as I did in the Reconcile view ?!?



Thor Aaen

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Mehul Patel (8394) | answered Jun 01 '15, 12:33 a.m.

I believe those check box column is unnecessary and that column should be removed. 

The table given on second screen view is just for information purpose and if user wants he can remove those test cases manually from the test plan.


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Thor Aaen (175) | answered Jun 01 '15, 5:47 a.m.

Hi Mehul,

Ok, again thanks for your feedback.

I will ask our RQM person, if we then can remove these check-box

And as I see it, then this "Reconcile" do not realy do very much work - it only informs you.

Have a nice day.



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