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Where Can I Find More Specific Information on All of the Roles and Permissions?

Rob Olsen (351751) | asked Dec 23 '15, 12:22 p.m.

We are setting up a highly configured RTC environment.  In this environment we have defined queries that we only want certain roles to be able to create, modify, save and possibly delete.  If you go in to the Permissions, there are capabilities to allow certain roles to Save and Delete queries.  Does this affect the user's capabilities to create, save and delete their own "personal" dashboard queries, or do these permissions only affect a "Project"? 

Also, there are a lot of permissions that can be set or unset.  Not to speak to any specific permission, but where can I go if I want to understand a permission more fully?  Are all of these permissions documented somewhere?  Most are pretty easy to understand, but others are not.

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Ted Mayer (47638) | answered Dec 23 '15, 1:09 p.m.

Hi Rob,

I have provided two links to our online documentation that discusses both roles and permissions. I hope this helps:





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