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Unable to edit a Test Case

Jason Wilson (31825) | asked Nov 09 '15, 11:30 a.m.
Hi I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on the following:

I test case was created whilst running a particular workflow, this at the end locked the Test Case.

Subsequently the same workflow has been amended and this has caused the Test Case to try and resave itself under the first state of the amended workflow. However the problem is that you are unable to save the change as it advises that the Test Case is locked, and you cannot unlock the Test Case as it says you have unsaved changes.

You are left in a loop that I cannot see how you can break.

I know I can duplicate the Test Case, but this then means I loose the execution history from the original, so would rather try and fix if there is a way.

Can anyone advise?

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Donald Nong (14.5k414) | answered Nov 10 '15, 12:46 a.m.
I suspect that the change of the workflow makes the state of the said test case invalid. If it is true, the only way out is to put this state back to the workflow so that you can move the state to a valid state in the target workflow. To verify this, simply load the test case in the RQM web client, and you may see a message "artifact's state has been updated". Click on "show details" and you may see "current state 'xxxx' is not valid in the current workflow. The artifact's state has been set to the current workflow's initial state 'yyyy'".
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Jason Wilson commented Nov 10 '15, 3:43 a.m.

Unfortunately, this does not work....

If I re-enter the state back in and go back in to the test case I still get the message:

"Current state 'XXXXX.state.s5' is not valid in current workflow.
The artifact's state has been set to the current workflow's initial state 'Draft'."

I am still caught in an infinate loop whereby the system cannot save due to the TC being locked and due to the state change always trying to be applied I cannot unlock as it complains about unsaved changes.

Donald Nong commented Nov 10 '15, 6:34 p.m. | edited Nov 10 '15, 6:35 p.m.

I should've made it clear - if you made the changes using the RQM Web client, it will not work. As you can see in the message, the state is recognized by its Id, not its literal value. You need to put the state back exactly the same as it was using the RTC Eclipse client (I believe you don't need an RTC license for this task).
1. Download RTC Eclipse client of the same version as the RQM (the plain zip package will be the easiest option) if you haven't got a copy already.
2. Launch the RTC Eclipse client.
3. Create a repository connection to the RQM server.
4. Select to manage the project area in question - it should then show up in the Team Artifacts view.
5. Right-click on the project area and choose Open.
6. Switch to the Process Configuration Source tab.
7. Right-click in the editor and choose Show History.
8. In the History view, select a revision that contains the old workflow and choose Open File.
9. Locate the workflow (the state Id is a good indicator).
10. Copy the entire workflow and replace it into the current Process Configuration Source.
11. Save the changes and you should have the same old workflow.

In the History view, you can also use the Compare function to find out what's been changed in each revision. Note that it always compares the selected revision with the proceeding revision.

Jason Wilson commented Nov 11 '15, 10:04 a.m.

Apologies, I mis-understood the solution initially.

The steps are excellent and it has not allowed me to correct the aflicted Test Cases.


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