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Install RTC on IBM I

Eiman Marzouk (111) | asked Sep 23 '15, 3:30 a.m.

I have for a loog time tring to get RTC V 5.02 installed in our IBM I. I managed to get to the second page of the setup wizard Configure database. 

I have the following Error Message (I can't attach a screenshot????)

Is here anyone that can help on resolving this?

What more info can I provide for help?


The server was unable to connect to the database because the database connection settings are invalid or because database is unreachable (SQLSTATE: HY001, SQLCODE: -101). Verify the connection settings in your file. See the Jazz Team Server log for more information.ID CRJAZ2654E

Error message

Chris McGee commented Oct 01 '15, 9:44 a.m.

Can you check the server logs to see if you can get more details on the error? Often SQL errors will have an error message that may give more insight into what is going wrong. You can find the logs in the <install_dir>/server/logs directory.

From a quick search on the HY001 sql state it appears that it could be a memory allocation error, which may be fixable by upgrading to a new fix pack of DB2:

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