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RTC 6.x and Eclipse Neon or Oxygen?

Patrick LoPresti (8859) | asked Jul 07 '17, 1:40 p.m.

 I have tried installing RTC 6.0.3 and 6.0.4 from the p2 repository into Eclipse Neon (Eclipse 4.6.3) and Oxygen (4.7.1). Most things work, with one killer exception:

Window -> Preferences -> Work Items generates an error dialog with title "Could Not Accept Changes" and content "The currently displayed page contains invalid values".

In the Eclipse log, I have the following backtrace:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.eclipse.ui.internal.WorkbenchWindow.getTrimManager()Lorg/eclipse/ui/internal/layout/ITrimManager;

Note that everything works fine with Eclipse Luna and Mars.

I am not an Eclipse expert... But based on some research (e.g., it appears that RTC relies on the Eclipse 3.x "compatibility layer" in Eclipse 4. Apparently, emulation for the "internal" interface org.eclipse.ui.internal.WorkbenchWindow.getTrimManager() was removed in Neon.

Are others able to reproduce this issue? Is RTC expected to work with Eclipse Neon? Are there any potential work-arounds?


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