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email configuration for RTC

nannette Mori (50468) | asked Aug 12 '15, 1:34 p.m.

The email Settings for RTC is on the Jazz server.  The email from name is set "IETS Administrator".  Is there a way to set email settings per Project?  Also is there a way to configure an email to be sent at different intervals based on 30 days, 15 days etc.

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Martha (Ruby) Andrews (3.0k44251) | answered Aug 12 '15, 1:55 p.m.
It is not possible to change the email settings per project.
I don't understand the second question; can you elaborate?

Martha (Ruby) Andrews
Jazz Foundation L3 Development Team Lad

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Kenny Smith (302513) | answered Aug 12 '15, 2:26 p.m.
 You can change the email settings by going into the JTS web admin interface:
https://<server name:port>/jts/

In here you can change the email "From" name, and "SMTP Reply" addresses.

Up to version 5, you cannot change this on a per project basis. Also, I'm not sure what emails you would send out on such an interval as 15/30 days, but you can change some interval settings in the CM admin interface, although these intervals are likely not what you are looking for:

https://<server name:port>/ccm/

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