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Jenkins build engine logs stale data exceptions in ccm.log

Samar Singh (141522) | asked Jul 21 '15, 10:48 a.m.
   At the ccm log, I see many traces of following StaleDataException errors logged:
HudsonSyncLoopRunnable.processBuildsForEngine() Build engine [UUID
_ABCEeSXCOu_mBszeA] UpdateItemCurrentRow
failure:  Params=[_KLMNUO-uEeWoX5qjlcC9Jw,_slo2jraQEeSFzdub-NHYHTTGRW,

Caused by:
CRJAZ0322I 1 row was expected but 0 rows were found for handle "

I use Jenkins Build Engine + RTC 5.0.1

How to correct / stop these exceptions from getting logged?

- Samar

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Lily Wang (4.9k714) | answered Jul 21 '15, 10:27 p.m.
 From the error message, it seemed some issue with your build engine. You might need to delete the build engine "_ABCEeSXCOu_mBszeA" and create a new build engine.
Or you can contact IBM Support for assistance.

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