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Effort Tracking set to Time Remaining switches to Time Spent and changes entered number! RTC 2.x

Mike Shkolnik (9809161143) | asked Aug 27 '12, 8:18 p.m.
edited Aug 28 '12, 6:58 a.m. by Ralph Schoon (63.2k33646)
See attached example in Plan View - Developers Taskboard - Web Client. Effort Tracking was just set to 10 hours, but it is reflected in the inline view as 2 hours remaining. Refreshing the screen then shows 2 hours above instead of the 10 that was entered! This is a huge bug that will completely scuttle any attempt at managing the project. Is there some way to make this work without waiting for ifix 9, which may never happen?

This only happens in the web interface. The Eclipse interface works as expected - based on the exact same plan settings.

RTC ifix 8

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