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RTC 5.0.2 for file sharing

Narayanan Potti (27037679) | asked Mar 25 '15, 12:33 p.m.
Hello forum members

I installed JTS and CCM 5.0.2 applications. My users want to use RTC Web for file sharing and want to have it as simple as possible. User requirements of RTC Web are below. Please let me know how to implement it these:

1. RTC for file sharing should have capabilities very similar to Files section of IBM Connections.
2. When a user logs in to RTC the user should see a list of files added.
3. In the dashboard user must see 2 buttons - Add new file and Create new folder.
4. When user clicks on any file it should show basic options such as Download, Lock, Add Comment, Upload new version.

I had created RTC project with Scrum template and users think it is too complicated for their usage model. In RTC 5.0.2 project creation the Simple Team Process template is not available any more. It was available with RTC 4.0.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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