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Connecting Eclipse to existing Sandboxes

Peter Weller (39379) | asked Dec 04 '12, 6:53 p.m.
If I checkout a workspace into a local sandbox using the command-line client, is it possible to connect to it from my Eclipse install with the RTC Plugin?

I've had a look around and can't find anything about it in the docs, so thought that I would ask on here because I'm not necessarily on the fastest of connections.


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John Camelon (1.7k14) | answered Dec 04 '12, 11:31 p.m.
You can share a sandbox between Eclipse and the CLI.  If the CLI is running through the "lscm" script (which runs scm in the daemon mode for faster use), it can share the sandbox with an Eclipse client if the Eclipse client is started first.  

If you do not intend to run the two tools together at the same time, then either one can use a sandbox that the other loaded.  

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Chris Wolf (4335) | answered Oct 14 '14, 5:44 p.m.
I have sometimes found issues with .jazzlock and messages about "unfinshed jobs" when switching clients - either Eclipse to command-line or Windows Shell integration client.  I find that going into the command-line and running "scm daemon stop -all" will "reset things" when switching clients.

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