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How do I concatenate ReqIF.Prefix and ReqIF.ForeignID in DOORS NG ?

Deepali Deshmukh (891654) | asked Mar 23 '15, 4:36 a.m.
   I have imported data from DOORS to DOORS NG 5.0.2. I need ReqIF.Prefix and ReqIF.ForeignID concatenated to form one value (Attribute). It should be similar to DOORS ID (Prefix + Absolute Value).

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Donald Nong (14.4k314) | answered Mar 24 '15, 2:28 a.m.
You can develop an RM extension (JavaScript) so that the new attribute will be updated when the artifact is accessed next time.
Or you can develop a script/application based on OSLC so that you can update the new attribute with the right value in a batch mode.

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