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How to disable domain authentication in Eclipse

Rakesh Ramgounda (1136) | asked Mar 12 '15, 7:15 p.m.
We are planning to implement Single Sign On (SSO) in our CLM environment. During our testing, we noticed that if we have SSO authentication for CLM, we can't use Eclipse client as it uses domain authentication. Trying to figure out how to disable domain authentication in eclipse client so that it doesn't look for username/password.

Thanks in advance for any recommendation and/or solution.

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Benjamin Chodroff (8985231) | answered Mar 12 '15, 10:10 p.m.
As of CLM 5.0.2, there is no way to configure SSO with the thick clients. This work item is tracking SAML authentication support (and other customers asking for SSO).

You can configure SSO for the web application, but then the thick clients will not work. I'm not aware of a work around.

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