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Large HTML field different between v5.0.2 and v4.0.6???

Steve Russell (611) | asked Feb 06 '15, 9:48 a.m.
I've been working on moving data into an RTC system from elsewhere, using the REST interface. Importing some XML data into the Description (Large HTML) field works fine in 4.0.6 but fails in 5.0.2. Turns out the data is >32KB chars, the limit for Large HTML. However, 4.0.6 accepts it without problem.

The data has a lot of &lt; and &gt; HTML entities in it, if I convert them to < > symbols, the number of chars then drops below 32KB, so my hypothesis is that this conversion is taking place at a different point in the import process for the two different versions.

Anyone got any thoughts/comments on this? Thanks.

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