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Import using RSA import engine 'completed' but no models imported

Sam Briggs (3759) | asked Jan 16 '15, 5:44 a.m.

I have a test Jazz Team Server installed on my local machine (localhost:9443) with Design Management for Rational Software Architect and the Rational Software Architect Extension for Design Management Servers installed with it. I used the express install with tomcat.

On the same machine in a difference package group I have installed the Rational Software Architect Import Engine which I have successfully configured to connect with the Design Management server. That is I have created an import definition that recognises the Import Engine is running when I test the connection, and upon requesting an import the import status in the DM UI is 'complete'. The import definition is of the 'Import individual projects' type.

My problem is that I do not observe any models uploaded to the server. The models I am attempting to upload are those provided in the RPE / DM tutorial found here: (MA.emx, MB.emx, MC.emx)

Can I confirm that when creating the import definition for an individual project. Adding a project, where the '.emx' files are located at some directory <projectRoot>\tutorial_models\
Workspace Path = <projectRoot>
Name of Project to Import = 'tutorial_models'
Project Name to Use After Import = Name of existing project in DM or perhaps Name of Configuration Space (in this case the two are the same)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as it has taken me many days just to get this far!

Best Regards,


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Andrey Karaulov (1861) | answered Feb 13 '15, 1:10 p.m.
Hi Sam,

Could you please provide more details about workspace/project where models are located?
Are they under RTC control?


Francois-xavier Panaget commented Feb 14 '15, 12:13 p.m.

Hi Sam,

In additional to Andrey's questions...
What is the version of the DM server you have installed and the version of the import engine you used?
What do you see in the import status?

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