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need a query that will help us to distinguish between file and folder

Shimon Nir (241116) | asked Dec 02 '14, 11:19 a.m.
We have a script that fetch files from RTC db , source might be stream/workspace/snapshot
We use scm gommanf to retrieve the list of files:
scm.exe --config F:\AmatSW\swusers\BNahum90789\.rtc\1\system\scm-config --non-interactive list remotefiles -r BNahum90789 -j --depth - --workspace BoazMainWF1_strm Qrtc /
               {    "remote-files": [        {            "path": "\/",            "state-id": "_PzQxZfegEeOX8vm88IZW1g",            "uuid": "_PzQxZPegEeOX8vm88IZW1g"        },        {            "path": "\/load_rules\/",            "state-id": "_89mdgPegEeOX8vm88IZW1g",            "uuid": "_7A6uYPegEeOMjqa-FSMiRQ"        },
 {     "path": "\/load_rules\/FullDynamic.loadrule",     "state-id": "_39bRgQSAEeSX8vm88IZW1g",     "uuid": "_7BEfYPegEeOMjqa-FSMiRQ" },
Now we iterate on each entry and fetch  it:
scm.exe --config F:\AmatSW\swusers\BNahum90789\.rtc\1\system\scm-config --non-interactive get file -r BNahum90789 --overwrite _7BEfYPegEeOMjqa-FSMiRQ _39bRgQSAEeSX8vm88IZW1g Qrtc\load_rules\FullDynamic.loadrule
Our  problem:
We have no way to distinguish between file and folder, so when trying to fetch a folder we get this exception:
   java.lang.Exception: Problem running 'get file':
  Invalid item _PzQxZPegEeOX8vm88IZW1g. Specify a valid FileItem.
What we need is a query that will help us to distinguish between file and folder.

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Shashikant Padur (4.2k27) | answered Dec 02 '14, 11:55 p.m.
You cannot determine if the remote item is a file/folder/symlink using the scm cli. Please raise an enhancement request.

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