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WAS Federated repositories for CLM - Information not very clear

Rajnikanth Srinivasan (1366) | asked Dec 01 '14, 5:58 a.m.


I have read various articles related to the configuration of federated repository and managed to configure per the articles. However the end result is something I am not able to achieve . I am trying configure single LDAP along with a file based registry in the federated environment. Here are my questions that I am trying to understand as part of feasibility study in implementing the scenario ( LDAP for corporate, file based registry for non-corporate)

If I configured federated repository ( LDAP for corporate, file based registry for non-corporate),

1) Can I still be able to achieve the nightly sync of users into JTS from the LDAP ? I tried creating users in JTS manually and did not find success in getting to log into application

2) If I added the users to file based registry,.? does the group and role mapping takes place automatically or are there any manual configuration ? I wasn't able to get the user log into CLM application.

I have read both  and


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