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Can I ignore this error (warning)?

Ryan Boyce (312) | asked May 30 '17, 6:30 p.m.

 Installing Rational Insight, and finding errors in the infamous Build and Deploy step. There seem to be a million fixes for a million errors on this step, and I just recently read how one error can be ignored. Am I so lucky?

I get to the end of the steps, everything comes out green, except there is a warning at the end saying: " CRRRA 2079E: Cannot start the Cognos application on the Websphere application server."

I notice some fishy things going on in this process. First, it seems like Rational Reporting server gets shut off at the beginning of this step, handily. Then, the command window for the setup server starts complaining that the "server login attempt server not set up yet." It tries to connect to the BI Server, before giving up and erroring out.

In my startServer log, it seems I get an error, named ADMU7713E: WASService command for server RationalReportingServer failed, right about the time the setup finishes with that other error. We thought there was a problem with how we set up the service to automatically start the Rational Reporting server, that it was blocking a reconnection in the setup process. We are about ready to tear it all down and start again, so any suggestions/words of consolation would be appreciated.


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