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DOORs-RQM: Run Test Report Failure

Jörg Werner (3033881) | asked Oct 29 '14, 1:03 p.m.

we use DOORS 9.5 and RQM 4..0.6

If I try to start a test report from Doors I get the following error message:

DOORS Run Test Report Error

Some Doors Objects are already linked with RQM Test cases and also the Requirement collection Links are defined in RQM.

Any ideas?

  Thanks, Joerg

Jörg Werner commented Oct 30 '14, 6:39 a.m.

Additional info: After above error message also a dxl error is reported:

-R-E- DXL: <C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Rational\DOORS\9.5/lib/dxl/rqmi/soq/runTestReports.dxl:395> unassigned variable (skpTestStatusForHeading)Backtrace:    <C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Rational\DOORS\9.5/lib/dxl/rqmi/soq/runTestReports.dxl:497> -I- DXL: execution halted

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Maeve OReilly (3813) | answered Oct 30 '14, 5:34 a.m.
Have a look at -

So basically in RQM make sure the links actually do exist back to the DOORS objects.  That the Test Case-Requirement links are not only in DOORS.  There must also be a link in RQM for that report to work.  If you run, in RQM, the Test Plan- Req Coll Links - Reconcile operation it will identify these object for you.  Then you can create the link to the DOORS object.  Or delete the link in DOORS if it shouldn't exist.  
Jörg Werner selected this answer as the correct answer

Jörg Werner commented Oct 30 '14, 6:19 a.m.

Hi Maeve,

so far I have no access to, but I try to get it :-)

Anyway, I see links in both directions. (in DOORS and in RQM)
Also the reconcile functionality is working, quite well.

  Thanks, Jörg

Maeve OReilly commented Oct 30 '14, 6:47 a.m.

Does the Reconcile find any 'Requirements that don't have any test coverage'?

Is the Reconcile for the same View you are running the Test Report on in DOORS? 

Jörg Werner commented Oct 31 '14, 9:48 a.m.

Since I'm probably not the only one who has no access to above link regarding PI16969 here a screen shot:

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Subramanya Prasad Pilar (4.6k16) | answered Oct 29 '14, 1:29 p.m.
You may need to check the RPE template. Are you using REST v2 data source in template?

Jörg Werner commented Oct 30 '14, 6:23 a.m.

I'm no administrator only a user who uses the DOORS/RQM environment as it is.
So I can not check it by myself, but I'll forward the suggestion to our administration team.

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Georg Kellner (840479109) | answered Oct 30 '14, 7:16 a.m.
Hi Jörg,

in general this error comes up, if the linkage between DOORS and RQM is inconsistent.
This can be caused by deleting a TestCase, or a link in a TestCase to a DOORS requirements.

There is a script you can get from support, which cleans up the links to deleted TCs.
Several other possibilities with inconsistencies are not solved with scripts afaik.

It is not DOORS, but this is the main cause for this issue I think.

greetings georg.

Maeve OReilly commented Oct 30 '14, 11:51 a.m.

You are correct as always. Deletion of the TC in RQM will also do it.  The reconcile in RQM will also identify those as not covered so you know which ones to fix.  Delete the link to RQM in the DOORS requirement.  

But I just tested the deletion of the link in the TC, and that also deleted the backlink in DOORS.  If it can't delete it (module open in exclusive edit mode) if gives the cancel/retry/do it anyway dialog we see for create failures.  

The other area which could introduce inconsistency with no warning is scripting/copying.  Care must be take that links are created/deleted in both applications.  

Georg Kellner commented Oct 30 '14, 12:02 p.m.

Yes indeed, there are several ways, which will lead to several error-messages in the tools.
If I remember right, in one of our projects they've decided only a few people are allowed to change links, to make sure, they know the risks and to avoid inconsistency.

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