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Where to find DB2 Bundle license after update DB2 from 9.7 to 10.1

Mirko Hartwig (4124) | asked Sep 26 '14, 8:28 a.m.

while updating CLM 4.0.5 to 5.0.1 our DB2 9.7 needs to be updated as well. After updating DB2 9.7 to 10.1 only a trial license is active for 3 Month. Question is where can I find the license key for the new Database?

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Mirko Hartwig (4124) | answered Sep 26 '14, 8:46 a.m.

yes, DB2 databases which comes in a Bundle like CLM 4.0.5 needs after an major update from, as example, DB2 9.7 Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) to 10.1 ESE a new license. Please see for the right Download Code following Technote:

as for above Example the Package name is -> Enterprise Server Edition Restricted Use, Quick Start and Activation and the download code for Passport Advantage is CI71NML

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