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Schema of the Jazz repository for mining purposes

Annie Ying (2063103) | asked May 07 '09, 11:04 a.m.
Hi all,

I was asked by several people independently about where they can find the schema of the Jazz repository for mining purposes, so I just thought to share this information with everybody.

My answer is probably not that satisfying although--as far as I know (folks from the Jazz team, please correct me if I'm wrong here), there doesn't exist a document that describes the schema of the repository. The reason is because the repository is not really meant for users to access directly.

One document that contains the subset of the schemas is the following:
This is meant for folks managing the data warehouse, but it does describe some important tables in the DB. Other than that, I just browse the schemas in the DB and try to recover the referential constains of different tables...


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