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How to add images in the process template - process description - Practices ?

Katrin Heymann (19824363) | asked Aug 20 '14, 7:34 a.m.
I want to add images (e.g. with the Workflow for each WorkItem) in the Process Description - Practices, which are available after export / import of the process template.

Normally I added the images under Source Control in a project area but they are not available in the process template - new project areas with the template.

Is there a way ?

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Eric Jodet (6.3k5111120) | answered Aug 20 '14, 9:35 a.m.
edited Aug 20 '14, 9:35 a.m.
 Hello Katrin,
not tested - but I would go to the PA links and add files from there

You can then reference your images in PA source by using:

Hope it helps,

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