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How to link existing testcases of one testplan in rqm to already existing new testplan using RQMExcelWordImporter

Nishanth prasad (122) | asked Aug 12 '14, 1:01 a.m.

I have few testcases in one testplan.

Now i want to link these testcases to another testplan using RQMExcelWordImporter utility or RestAPI..

Can anyone tell me what changes need to be done in config file .


Donald Nong commented Aug 12 '14, 11:19 p.m.

If you only need to link a few test cases, why don't you just do it in the Web GUI?
To use the RQM Excel Importer, you need to find out the internal IDs for the test cases and the test plans first, put them in an Excel file, then write a configuration/mapping file accordingly before you can do the import.
To use REST API, you need to find out the resource URL for the test cases first (also using REST API), then construct the XML file as the payload for updating the test plan, and finally use a PUT method to modify the test plan.

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Nishanth prasad (122) | answered Aug 13 '14, 1:24 a.m.

Thanks for your reply..


I used the above code in configuration file, testcases are getting link to a testplan but old testcases of a testplan are getting overridden . There is no link between old testcases and testplan.

How to retain the older testcases of a testplan.. ?


Donald Nong commented Aug 13 '14, 1:38 a.m.

What's the RQM version? See if you encountered this known issue.

If you try to link TestCases to an existing Test Plan that already has some links to existing Test Cases and are using a version earlier than 4.0.1, the existing links get replaced with the newly created ones. So you must include the existing.

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