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CLM 4.0.6 can I run server rename more than once

mike brosnan (1011213) | asked Jun 18 '14, 7:09 a.m.

I am running server rename from URL-A to URL-B.

I changed the target to URL-B in the mapping.txt.

For one URL there is a problem where it says that URL-A is already a target, so this means that server rename was run already.

This is the error message

CRJZS0342E The mapping URL-A -> URL-B is attempting to map to a public url which is already the target of a mapping from URL-Z. This is not permitted

URL-Z has a target of URL-A.

Is there a solution to this issue? Can I add an entry for URL-Z to URL-B?

Donald Nong commented Jun 18 '14, 10:16 p.m.

We've recently seen a similar case which was caused by a DNS issue. If you cannot share your mapping file on a public forum, please submit a ticket with IBM Support and get it investigated.

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