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Error loading plan in RTC: AbstractRedirectToAnotherClusterNode

Daniel Garcia (491013) | asked Jun 10 '14, 6:41 a.m.
 Good morning.

When loading a plan in web client in RTC 4.0.1, I get an error when Ioading. It seems that a function related with clustering is failing, but I have no idea why (we run RTC over a standalone server with no clustering involved).

This error is not triggering in every tab of the plan: just in "planned items", "snapshots" and "resources". When selecting by default the tabs "links", "resources" or "notes", this error is not happening. Therefore, we're not being able to access plan details and associated items.

When opened in eclipse client, it shows a message warning about splitting the plan because it has more than 2048 items (it contains about 11.000 items, which about 10.500 are currently closed and not supposed to show due to the configured filters).

Does anyone have any clue about this issue? C

Thank you very much for your help.

    Daniel G. Garcia.

Internal error

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