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VS 2008 - Not all project type can be shared in jazz?

Ming Xia (211710) | asked Apr 13 '09, 6:49 a.m.
For example, VS 2008->New Project->Select Project Type:
Under VB, there is no "Share project in jazz" option for " windows " project type. And there is just some of the template of "Web" project has the "share jazz" option.

Could someone help me understand this??

Thanks very much!

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Christine Kim (7131) | answered Apr 14 '09, 1:16 a.m.

Is this continuous problem of your previous question # 4220 ?
If the environment is different from 4220's one, please send us the following information
- What version of RTC is installed ?
- What version of .NET Net framework is installed?
- What is sp version of Windows XP ?

And it will be really helpful if you can provide us step by steps how to reproduce this problem. We cannot find the menu you mentioned...

Thank you!

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Christine Kim (7131) | answered Apr 14 '09, 2:04 a.m.
reply from the questioner.

Thanks, I used RTC1011 for both of my issues.

I have some other urgent thing to do, so I will feedback you with details a few days later.

When we get more details from customer, we will test it in our environment and check with our development team.

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