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Stopping Jazz RTC, the right way?

Romuald Tisserand (768) | asked Apr 01 '14, 8:23 a.m.
Would like to know what's the best way to properly stop the Jazz RTC Server on Windows. I've seen the server.shutdown.bat works but it takes sooooooooooooooo much time  that it is not really usable.

Could I just stop the Tomcat7 service to correctly shutdown Jazz?

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Benjamin Silverman (4.1k610) | answered Apr 01 '14, 1:40 p.m.
If you're running Tomcat as a Windows service I would suggest stopping the service rather than using server.shutdown.  I created Include method for stopping server when running Tomcat as a Windows service (310257) to try and make this more clear in our documentation.  Hope it helps,
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