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Rational and Lotus has collaboration...are they compatible.

Aaron Cohen (8207751) | asked Sep 23 '07, 11:18 a.m.
I really like what I see in Jazz for developer collaboration however not everyone on my team is a developer. For a deployment in my team it seems that there is some collaboration components missing. Members of my team are pointing to Lotus Connections as the solution.

Jazz has the ability to integrate with Lotus Sametime, but are there plans to integrate with the rest of the Lotus collaboration suite? I have noticed that there is a bit of overlap between the functionality of Open-Activities(in Lotus Notes 8 or lotus connections) and Work Items in Jazz. Essentially Both allow you to extract and/or Assign Todos. That being said, Open Activities will allow you to link up to SameTime Conversations, Email, and Documents. Work Items will allow you to link up to Sametime Conversations, documents, and code from the SCM. So there is already overlap in 2 areas.

With the recent release of Lotus Symphony (, are we going to see document support within Jazz?


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