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Understanding "Resources" tab on a Formal Project Management template

Henning Sternkicker (40626) | asked Jan 30 '14, 7:36 a.m.
I have a simple setup with RTC 4.0.3: A project area with the formal project management template, two sub teams with some developers in each subteam, some developers are in both teams. I created an iteration "Release 1.0" and a Release plan for the project area for that iteration and two plans for each team for the iteration. Than I started submitting tasks and estimating them and assigning them to the members in the team. When I do that, I see a correct sum of the hours i have estimated for the tasks for the owner on the team plans. For example a developer is in Team 1 and has a task with 8 hours estimated, shows up on the resources view of the team plan with a load bar of 8 hours of all the hours he will contribute for the team. If I go to the Release plan and the resources tab, I see the developer and I see that he is part of several teams, the bar behind developers name shows the correct sum of total hours estimated for the developer vs. his time allocation, but the specific work item that was planned for him for Team 1 does not show up under the section Team 1 (and therefore does not contribute to the load bar of team 1 in that plan), but it shows up as it is planned for the project area. So the plan does not show the real distribution of tasks across all teams, but only the correct sum for the developer.

Is this expected behaviour? Anyone has any idea? Do i miss something?

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