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RQM pre 4.0.3 question on test planning

Sterling Ferguson-II (1.6k9283269) | asked Oct 29 '13, 3:10 p.m.

What is the best practice of handling moving between test plan 1 to test plan 2? I have two customers doing actions differently and both are pre-4.0.2. One s creating a snapshot and making a copy. The other is selecting a test plan and choosing Duplicate.

When I reviewed the "second choice" above for the client, it brought over the same test case/test script (ok) but also the same test cast execution record and the results of those...that can't be right...right?

What is the best practice on migrating from one plan to the next?
Should you be referencing the exact same test case, test script?
Shouldn't you be creating brand new test execution records with no results?

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James Paulus (20622135) | answered Oct 29 '13, 3:42 p.m.
 We will do it one of two ways.   

1) Duplicate the test plan.    The key here is that there can't be any execution records attached to that test plan.   If there are, you get the copied execution records that you mentioned.
2) The RQM Copy utility.     If the size of the duplication is large or if the attributes aren't the same between the source and destination then we will go with this route.

Personally, our team hasn't done snapshots so I'm not sure if that is a better way or not.
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Sterling Ferguson-II commented Oct 29 '13, 3:57 p.m.

thanks for the answer.

So looking at 5 of your test plans, they would each point to the same test case, and that test case would have results from TCERs from all 5 test plans?

Test Plan 1
Test Plan 5
(Viewing the Test Cases in Test Plan 5 would have results (past) of TCERs from 1-5?)


James Paulus commented Oct 29 '13, 4:17 p.m.

We often have a 1:1 relationship between TCER and Test Plan.     So, when looking at the TCER inside the Test Case, there would be each of the test plans (1-5) shown only once.   I'm not sure how to view TCER inside the Test Plan.    The other thing is, we often use Test Suites so Test Cases aren't often placed directly in the test plan (just indirectly via the test suite).

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