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How to delete CCM project area data

Ian Wark (79713450) | asked May 20 '18, 4:48 a.m.
edited May 20 '18, 4:49 a.m.

We need to delete data from CCM, QM and RM project areas. It looks like we can easily do that in RM, and perhaps in QM. (We would be eager to hear a good way to delete all project area data en masse.) But is there still no way to do this in CCM? The projects are archived, but we want to remove the data from them too.

We noticed that you can use deleteJFSResources to delete all data from RM project areas. Something like
"repotools-rm.bat -deleteJFSResources contextURL=https://server_name:port/rm/process/project-areas/<projectUID> force"

Here is the technote:

And it looks like you can delete information in QM project areas with difficulty:

Will there be a feature in RQM 6.0.6 where you will be able to delete more easily? I see this ...

But how do you delete information in CCM project areas? Is there something similar to deleteJFSResources, which seems to be a much easier way to remove data. The only thing I can think of is deleting work items.

Is there any activity in the work items in this plan item?

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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k33035) | answered May 21 '18, 10:24 p.m.

There is currently (as of 6.0.6) nothing equivalent to deleteJFSResources in QM or CCM.

For CCM, there are some resources that the owner can delete (streams, plans, snapshots, most build artifacts).
There are also resources that only an administrator or privileged user can delete:

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